We've moved!

We are proud to announce that we have found a new home for Casa de Billy Barcelona.
We decided to close Casa de Billy Barcelona and to return to our “roots” and our family
in beautiful sunny Mexico.

Our new hotel-guesthouse is in reality two properties. One is
Cuernavaca Mexico in the mountains of central Mexico in the pre-Hispanic city of Cuernavaca which is located two hours southwest of Mexico City on the road to Acapulco. Cuernavaca is known as the Land of Eternal Spring with warm days and cool nights due to its  altitude of 1,510 meters/ 4,950 feet.

Non-stop luxury first class buses (called Pullman de Morelos) take you from the Mexico City Airport directly to Cuernavaca where you will arrive at the La Selva Bus Terminal. Hotel Casa del Angel Cuernavaca is a  short 10 minute taxi ride from this terminal.

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Our second property in Mexico is on a small peninsula which juts out into the Pacific Ocean about 30 minutes Acapulco Mexiconorth of the city of Acapulco in the direction of Zihuatanejo. This beautiful property sits on a long, isolated and beautiful beach between Pie de la Cuesta, and Barra de Coyuca in an area known as Luces en el Mar. It is a lovely white house situated in a garden with a fresh water pool and a beachside palapa/terrace. 

Taxis are located at the Acapulco Airport and will take you directly to Villa del Angel. Transit time a little more than 1 hour. 

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We welcome all guests-- new and returning -- to  the beauty, warmth  and tranquility of our properties in Mexico.